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Plans & Pricing

  • The 5-Hour Week

    Every month
    For upstarts & SMEs that need just a little help
    • Specific upstart launch tasks
    • SOPs technical writing
    • Calendar management
    • Inbox management
    • Research and analysis
    • Note: fees may vary
  • The 20-Hour Week

    Every month
    Ideal for established SMBs
    • SME Administrative & Finance Departments Creation Consulting
    • Upstart Business Coaching
    • Virtual Executive Assistance
    • Special Projects
    • Note: Fees may vary
  • The Day Rate

    Top-tier service without a commitment
    Valid for 7 days
    • Virtual Executive Assistance
    • Help with a special project
    • Guidance on a particular topic
    • Help with a new problem that has emerged
    • Backup support for an event
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