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Business Consulting

Business Coaching

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Virtual Assistance

Virtual Executive Assistance:

I offer a range of advanced administrative services.

Below are the tasks I particularly excel at and am well known for.

  • My primary mission: Help you complete that mountain of a To-Do list

Project Management:
  • Project Planning & Oversight
  • Event Planning
  • Domestic & International Travel Planning
Executive Administrative Assistance:
  • Research & Sourcing
  • eBook Creation
  • PowerPoint Presentations Creation
  • Website Planning 
  • Website Template/Theme-Based Creation
Formal Writing Processes:
  • Proofreading, Editing & Support Writing
  • Technical, Professional & Academic Writings
Employment Assistance:
  • Résumé Writing (I am a certified résumé writer)
  • Career Research & Planning
  • Job Search Assistance​

Business Consulting:

As a consultant, I will do work for and with you. My duties and responsibilities vary depending on the needs of each client's business. One company might require help with launching or releasing a new product line, whereas another might need assistance in restructuring their management hierarchy and finances.


My duties and responsibilities generally include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Primary mission: Provide the answers to your business problem(s)

              ---> Assess, streamline, and strengthen organizational performance via objectivity, expertise, and diligence

  • Conduct diagnosis that may redefine problem(s)

  • Provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of problems and solutions

  • Creating in-depth reports and presentations on a business’s processes (E.g. Expenses assessment & reporting)

  • Provide forecasts and expectations

  • Suggest solutions to business problems (e.g. Streamlining workflows, Restructuring staffing)

  • Establish methods for testing business applications and creating templates for reports used to monitor application effectiveness

  • Study new and potential trends within an industry

  • Discover new opportunities and markets for businesses to expand in

  • Work closely with key customers to keep them updated on process changes designed to improve service

  • Host workshops and staff presentations within a company

  • Establish communication networks with other Consultants who work as IT or Recruitment Specialists

Business Coaching:

As a business coach, I will mentor - educate, motivate, and support - you. Compare my coaching to that of a football coach: I won't run the laps for you but I will instruct you on what to do, educate you on the importance of what you're doing, and motivate and support you while you're out there achieving. My job is keep you focused on the end result and remind you why that result is important.

My duties and responsibilities generally include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Primary mission: Take your mindset and business from where it is now to where it needs to be to achieve success

  • Help you grow your business from inception (e.g. Legal business formation, Business tools needs assessment, etc.)

  • Help you clarify the vision for your business and how it fits with personal goals

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses

  • Assist you in using your personal skills for the betterment of your business

  • Assist you in goal planning

  • Create a road map to thoroughly outline long term objectives and goals

  • Keep you accountable so that you can achieve success

  • Meet weekly or monthly to keep you on track to commitments made during our past coaching sessions

  • Provide recommendations - from strategies, partnerships, education, services, products, tech needs, and more - for your company’s vision, growth and goals

  • Guide you in the completion of strategic business growth tasks

  • Monitor business growth and establish methods for improvement

  • Analyze strategic plans that have contributed to the company's successes and/or failures

Don't see what you need? No worries. Let's chat; I'll see if I can accommodate you.

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Praise from clients

“Helena is amazing! Her work has always exceeded my expectations. Everyone that has reviewed my résumé or any revisions of my academic or professional work is impressed because of how well my skills are showcased. In addition, she is very professional and truly cares about helping her clients succeed. She is passionate about her work, ensuring that each of her clients' work is done with excellence and pride, and she will work with you to ensure that the work provided to you goes beyond your expectations. Lastly, Helena has a gift that is clearly shown by what she produces. I fully recommend anyone for BAI's services!”

— C. Thompson,

Harvard Alumni, High School Vice Principal

“Large family member, traveler, people watcher, adventurer here. LOVE taking pictures. Unfortunately, I suck at keeping them organized. BAI made sure they (thousands) were labeled properly, filed by topic/location and date, and stored within my Drive. I'm so amped to have everything so easy to get to.”

— J. Rodriguez, Arlington, VA

“Before coming to Helena I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. I was in college for a business degree. After a few conversations and some assignments from her, we narrowed things down to Human Resources. She supplied me with tons of information regarding the different professional levels, specialties, certifications and cert requirements. She also provided soft and tech skills and other certifications to get that would boost my resume as a new graduate until I could get the more advanced ones. Whew! #MindBlown. I am literally doing EVERYTHING she suggested. I am so excited about doing it all. It feels so great to have clear direction now."

— A. Williams, 2022 Business Degree Graduate

I was laid off from my previous employer of nine years. I came to work at my new employer, Northrop Grumman, in the mailroom. Although grateful for the opportunity, my income had been cut in half... when I had a wife, infant, mortgage and other bills to take care of. Ms. Benoit stepped in and re-did my resume, assessed where I was and where I could go professionally, advised me on software programs to learn, purchased interview apparel online for me, and advised me on how to interview. I was promoted from within and now I earn all most four times my mailroom salary. She saw something in me that I hadn't seen within myself at the time. I will always appreciate the services of BAI for that.

— M. Robinson, Northrop Grumman